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Long Acacia Waves Chopping Board


Unique large wooden board, beautiful ocean resin art for cheese board, can be used as charcuterie platter, chopping board. Different kitchen decor, or a especial Christmas gift

Stunning 3d wave effect is achieved by adding multiple layers of epoxy resin.

22"x9" / 55x23 cm ( base to handle)

CHRISTMAS is coming, and you have no idea about the gift?
It's an eternal problem when your girlfriend/mom/daughter/uncle has a birthday, wedding, anniversary, engagement or any other occasion.
This functional wooden board will become the ideal solution - please loved ones with an unforgettable and unique gift.

Wooden boards, decorated with epoxy resin looks good in any interior and can be used as a morning coffee stand with a croissant, candle holder, a stand for perfume, rings, jewellery, watches, glasses, money, keys, purse and simply as an art object by hanging it on the wall.

Each one is painted by hand, which makes them unique.

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