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40x28cm Bamboo Serving/Cutting Board with waves


Stunning bamboo ocean style board decorated with resin and rich vibrant pigments colours. Made with non toxic, food safe resin.
Perfect to be displayed on table or can even be used a chopping board.
Dimensions: 40cm x 28cm x 1.5 cm
Hand wash only, recommended that the wood be rubbed with vegetable oil every few months to prolong the Life of the board. It should be noted that food should not be cut on the resin section of the board.
This is made by hand and during the curing process som e small imperfections may occur (small dust particles, tiny air bubbles, little dimples etc). Please be aware this is homemade art work, not made in factory. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you for visiting my shop!
Comissions and custom orders are available

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